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Create a PowerPoint presentation in which you do the following for
each term:

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Use one slide for each of the following terms:
1. Inclusion

2. Informal assessment

3. Mentoring

4. Cooperative learning

5. Charter school

6. Standards

7. Bloom’s Taxonomy

8. Inquiry instruction

9. Assessment

10. Portfolio assessment

11. Lesson plans

12. Scoring rubric

13. Tenure

14. Assistive technology

15. Voucher

16. ELL

17. Normal school

18. Standardized test

19. Master teacher

20. Null curriculum

21. Direct instruction

22. Emergency certificate

23. Pedagogy

24. School Board

25. Superintendent

26. Principal

27. Teachers

28. Parents

29. Students

30. Identify another stakeholder in your district that is not

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