Hacking the Internet of Things !!


For this discussion your assignment is to find an article online about vulnerabilities or exploits against some sort of device other than a typical computer, gaming console, phone or tablet. Most of what you will find will be attacks described by security researchers rather than attacks by real attackers. That’s okay, the purpose of this is just to get a feel for all of the different types of devices that now contain computers (and in most cases, are networked), and how it’s relatively easy to find vulnerabilities in these devices.

Some ideas of the types of devices you might find:

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Hacking the Internet of Things !!
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  • Typical household devices – thermostats, refrigerators, smart TVs, toilets (yes, even toilets)
  • In businesses, many things that can call out for service or for resupply are now network connected, everything from printers to vending machines to fuel tanks at gas stations.
  • Many medical devices are now network connected
  • Home routers. Don’t however include business class routers (e.g., Cisco routers), since for the most part those are clearly computers and are usually (not always!) treated that way.
  • Transportation – cars, planes, etc. should provide some stories

The only rule is that as usual, you cannot list the same device and attack that any other student has previously listed. To make this easier on your fellow students, each post should begin with your item clearly identified in brackets like this:

[LinkSys Home Routers]

Note that different brands count as different items. If someone else posts a vulnerability in a VW, you can still post a vulnerability in a Jeep.

Your post should describe the vulnerability or attack briefly, and must include a link to the article.

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