After reading through and considering the final research assignment, please share in your post a possible topic for your research. There will be more time and consideration available to work on your topic (refining and narrowing), but I’d like you to get the ball rolling. The assignment and List of Previous Topics for Research.docx

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Settings provide a framework for possible topics, but part of the assignment that you should embrace is topic selection as you have agency to create your topic (it does need to ultimately focus on and connect to a specific issue/problem related to an identified ‘community’, but the specific topic is all yours). Here are some ideas to consider sharing in this post:

-What topic are you considering? Explain it.

-Why are you interested in this topic? How does it relate or connect to you?

-Share about the community and why you feel invested in it?

-Explore some possible ‘issues’ that are affecting this community. If you have a focus already, explore what some of the causes/effects of the issue.

-How will dealing with/solving this issue help the community? What will it allow the community and its members ‘to do’? How will society as a whole improve if this issue is dealt with?

It is ok to go through out a couple (2) of options as this is an exploratory post – sharing possibilities. It will be important to keep thinking about this assignment between now and next week, so please begin to give potential topics serious consideration.

300 word min. 

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