format to APA style NEED IN 8 HOURS DEADLINE



1. Reformat methods 6 page

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format to APA style NEED IN 8 HOURS DEADLINE
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2. write discussion with link to research 2page

3. write action plan 2 page

4. write bibliography 1 page

Attached you will find 

1. Jones Method- An uneditable version that my teacher placed notes on u can use as a reference

2.  Methods May- the one I would like you to edit and format to APA style  headings should be placed a certain way and sub headings

3. Discussion and Action plan notes- to help you write something flowy- please add in the source for research link

4. Research Paper Final- This is just for you to look at so you have an idea what youre extending in Discussion and action plan.

5. Research paper and action plan rubric- rubric for you to know requirements

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