Formal Report



This week, you will complete the formal report. (You may need to revise the Table of Contents and Introduction, if needed)

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Formal Report
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For this week, your assignment should contain the following:


  • Be formatted as a formal report, following the guidelines for formal reports in the text (including the guidelines for headings and subheadings)

  • Include appropriate prefatory, text, and supplemental parts (The formal report should contain appropriate prefatory, text, and supplemental parts, including the following: a cover and/or title page; a letter of transmittal; a table of contents; the four-part Introductory Section from week 6; appropriately labeled body sections; and appendices, such as the client interview and list of references. Your report does not need to contain all of these parts, but should contain most of them.);

  • Fully answer the question of what career would you recommend to an employee, client or professional contact. The word count for the intro, body, and conclusion should be 1250-1750 words);

  • Use at least six credible researched sources appropriately and effectively;

  • Include proper documentation using APA style (both in-text and end-of-text citations–please check your work using; and

  • Be free of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.


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