for the argument paper


Please look all the attachments and follow the guideline perfectly, and give me an A++ work.


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for the argument paper
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professor didn’t read everything becuase of the format problem.

she really think that the format is the most important.

M-context-E-A-L format which I uploaded on the exploratory’s attachment.

This format could be different from others, but you have to follow this one.


Introduction- Background(ex: how % schools-using computers?), Issue, Thesis >has to be 5~8 sentences(please see the format which I gave you) with reason. 

professor said that it is too long, no reason, etc..

when you write the thesis you have to have your position.(do not write like “this essay is going to argue…” just write like “K-12 the introduction of digital lerning will have many positive factors on the improvement”)


First body should be Exigency

when you write the body paragraph, you have to write with 4 steps(1~4) with reason(why?) with M-context-E-A-L. I already uploaded MEAL format on the exploratory’s attactments. 

And you have to wirte the linking sentence simply on the each body paragraph’s end. there is no linking sentences. this linking sentence is a part of L from MEAL format.


Opposing= Format 6~8 sentences.






works cited- it has to include annotated bibliography.


these are the comments from professor.


please read the format carefully and follow it!! please………

I don’t want to be disappointed anymore….



P.S. I will upload the M-context-E-A-L format on here’s attachment.

please see it and follow it.

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