for professor Geek


1. Choose the movie you will be writing about. Remember, it has to have a complex ethical dilemma.

2. Write 4 paragraphs about this movie. 1. Paragraph – 7-10 facts about the movie; 2. summary of the movie, not longer than 10 sentences; 3 – 5 things you love/ hate about this movie the most (you cannot talk only about the plot) 4. Formulate the complex ethical dilemma: “Imagine that you ….                         . And you have to / are asked to / are required to / are forced to…         As a good person you know that you should/ should not …..                           But….”

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for professor Geek
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i chose that movie

It’s gladiator. 

I need it in 9 hrs to 10 hrs.

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