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Pick a real-life example of how either the concept of race or racism effected the interaction

between either individuals or groups, perceived as being members of different races and then use

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your understanding of race and racism to analyze your example. Your example can be of an

event you observed or you experienced as either the person who reacted to someone based upon

his or her race or as the person who someone treated differently because of your race. Begin this

section by providing a detailed description of your example. You should describe the setting

where the example occurred, a description of the people present (race, gender, and social class,

the reason why the people were present, what happened, who initiated the interaction and how

the person who was responded to (based upon their race) responded. Make sure you include your

analysis of your example a discussion of the following questions/issue in your response to this


1. Why do you believe race was a factor in this experience?


2. What psychological or social factors do you think contributed to or caused the person in

your example to use race as the bases for how they responded to or treated the person to

who was from a different race?


3. What do you think both the person who reacted to someone, based upon how they

perceived the race of another person and the person who was treated differently because

of how their race is perceived by others can do to reduce or prevent such events from

occurring in the future?


Write 3-4 page for this assignmetn. Write it by using basic english.



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