The topic is “The Freedom to Read”, so you have to stick to literary censorship as per the topic of the group. All other proposals were due a long time ago and will not be approved at this point. Others have asked to write about censorship in general, and I have told them the same thing, so it would not be fair. You don’t have to solely talk about the bible or quran; you can talk about other books. You also don’t have to stick solely to Saudi Arabia, you can discuss censored books in America. It is a bit late in the game to be making this request at the last week of school. I have provided many workshop days as well as library research days where we could have discussed this much sooner in terms of brainstorming different avenues. I would advise you to do what you can to expand your research on literary censorship and reach out to our librarians if you having trouble finding sources. There is a lot of material out there on this topic, so this isn’t necessarily an issue of the topic. 

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