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argumentative research paper for 8-10 pages long. the work cited page is not included in that page minimum. 

Audience: college-educated readers who are familiar with the readings in our anthology but who want to know more about the different topics included in order to learn about the other important information and views surrounding the issues raised. You should not assume that they are supportive of your views; instead, you should assume that there will be readers who will disagree with your views on the issues.

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for For Prof Linda-Harris Only
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1. introduction- might be one paragraph or three paragraphs. must be include: a. hook

b. explanation of the issue(need to familiarize reader with controversy)

c. background info needed to follow/ understand the issue(i.e., terms defined, historical context/ timeline given,etc.)

d. claim/thesis

2. list of support for your position

3. list of support for the alternative views


9 sources, format: one-inch margins, 12 point font size, double-spaced

it will be count for:

1. The thoroughness and thoughtfulness of your research investigation.


2. How skillfully you incorporate your research (through examples, facts, statistics, and authoritative 


statements) into your writing AND how well that research is documented (using MLA format—this 


means parenthetical references for all quotations, paraphrases, and summaries and a Works Cited page). 


Remember that you are required to make use of at least eight general interest/substantive news sources 


and/or scholarly sources in addition to one reading from our anthology. 


3. How well you organize your paper (This includes an introduction that states your thesis. It also includes 


paragraphs that discuss one point at a time. You need to consider the order in which you arrange your 


paragraphs, in terms of logic and emphasis, and work to build transitions between each paragraph’s 


main idea). 


4. How well your argument persuades your readers to adopt your position by addressing alternative views.


5. Overall presentation and readability of your work (format, spelling, grammar, punctuation)



i have 6 sourcses already but i need 3 or 4 more! and they are going to be from my school library database and i can show you how to use it!

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