For exellent writers-APA and MLA style


we are looking for someone to open for us an account

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For exellent writers-APA and MLA style
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we will  provide you with all the necessary information and materials needed. Then u do us the end test the account to be activated


This is the requirement of the test



In order to proceed with the registration, please complete an English language test. It will help us determine the level of your English language skills. You will have one minute per question, 25 questions total. There are tasks on English grammar and on APA/MLA citation styles. Please take it seriously as you have only one attempt to complete the test. Your account will be disabled if you fail to do so. Before, you start, we advise you to make sure nothing will disturb you during the next 25 minutes. To begin the test, press the “START” button.

Kindly if you can make it turn back to as as soon as possible for negotiations


Thank you


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