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Respond to these students,  when responding, seek clarification, make suggestions, share relevant personal experiences, or offer constructive feedback

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Using cues

The types of cues that I plan to implement in my classroom are the whistle and the turning the lights off and on. The whistle works well to develop an autonomic response (Shindler, 2010). My students are already used to hear this whistle sounds during recess and they already know that it is time to go inside. The turning off and on in the classroom also works well to develop an autonomic response (Shindler, 2010). While in the classroom, my students already know that the turning off and on of the lights is for them to give us their attention. 

I usually don’t have 100 percent of my student’s attention, but I do make silly noises when I want their attention. I can’t use redirection and/or give positive recognition since I have a special education class (autistic) and sometimes they can’t help but get distracted and some can’t follow two steps directions. I will use the whistle to create a distractive noise, I know that they will at least turn around and then it’s up to me to keep them on track. I can use the turning off and on of the lights in two different ways, one would be to get their attention, the other to create a calming setting when they are stimming. 

The finished word I have is “all done”. This word lets my students know that they have completed a session or activity and they can go play. I am making these choices because I when working with special needs children we need to have consistency in their daily routine, and I believe this will help them stay focus. 

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Before students enter the STEM Lab, my instructions are “When you the lab please go to your rug spots, sit in strong CATS, and remain at zero; if you understand give me a thumbs up.” I wait 2 seconds, they will either enter or I repeat the instructions and then they will enter. If talking is occurring during the lesson, I do a variety of call and response such clap patterns, refer to the school motto…”I am who I am … or I hold up a closed fist.

All teacher and school leaders use and do the same which makes it easier for us and the students. As a school we have a saying “leave it better then when you found it.” When it is time to clean up, I say hands on top (hands on top of their heads), the say everybody stop. Students put everything back in its place and sit to transition out. 

When I transition the students out…1 stand and push in their chairs, 2; lay up at zero no talking, no pushing etc.) and 3 move the lay into the hallway at zero. My students know my expectations and how I need them to behave in my classroom. This something I do everyday.


Class, what are some strategies to help students adjust to working in groups of two or more?

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