Essay Assignment


The paper assignment asks you to write a policy memo, offering your suggestions to Don. Trump, the President, with respect to the Sino-American relationship in the age of Globalization.

It is not about the US global strategy, but about its policy toward China and East Asia. 

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Essay Assignment
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Your paper must include:

  • Identify the challenges that the USA is facing toward China and in East Asia;
  • Place the challenges in the globalization context by indicating your view about the changing world: unilateral, bilateral, multilateral, or non-lateral;
  • Analyze the “rebalancing” policy and other policies that the USA is carrying out toward China and in the East Asia, their justifications and flaws;
  • Offer your suggestions to change, or modify, or continue the policies, and argue for your position.

You are asked to place all your thoughts in a memo of about three to four pages, and proper references must be included.

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