I need help in my english 1101 , i have finall essay project (reporting informative ) and the topic should talking about >>  A CULTURAL TARDITION ( MARRIAGE ) but she asked  us to do 2 things with the essay,  i have to do for the essay  //// 


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 part one  #1_( annotated bibliograbhy)


, include 2_3 sources about the same topic  , full citiation , one page , discribe the sources in 2-3 paragraphs ,  annotated bilbliograbhy arranged  in alphabetical order . i upload the prompt  and some sample and sample in the book for buth

1. Your Annotated Bibliography must include 2-3 sources!  It must be properly formatted according to the example in our textbook (pgs. 379-80).  This must include a proper citation (MLA style) and a proper summary of the source.  For review of summary see pages 396-98.




part #2 ( project proposal )



2. Your research proposal should be about 1 ½ pages in length.  Follow pages 372-76 for help with this assignment.  The proposal must include:

Paragraph 1: a brief discussion of the topic

Paragraph 2:  a brief indication of your specific focus

Paragraph 3: a brief explanation of why you are interested in the topic

Paragraph 4:  a research plan (methodology)

Preliminary Works Consulted”: this should also include the citations from your annotated bibliography

“Proposed Schedule” this should include a brief schedule of tasks related to the overall project


must be the same topic up there and the sources about the topic ,,, (to complet the finall project essay )

OWL Purdue Annotated Bibliographies

Here is an additional resource to help with writing and properly formatting an annotated bibliography.

Click link to open resourc

after that  i have the essay (reporting information ) finall project

English 1101: Essay #4 “Reporting Information”

Due Date: Monday, May 5th by 10:00 am!


Prompt: Choose this  topic and write an informative report:

1. A cultural tradition (marriage)


You must have 2-3 credible sources for this essay.  Try to find at least onelibrary source: a book or a journal article.  You might also consider using an interview as a source.

This essay must be 3-4 pages in length (not including your works cited page), double-spaced, 12 pt. font, with a proper header and a title.  Please number your pages and staple your essay together.  I want you to include all of your pre-writing and your rough draft when you turn in this essay!


1. Is the topic carefully focused for a specific audience?

2. Are there definitions of key terms?

3. Is the information trustworthy? (Are the sources credible?)

4. Is there an appropriate method of organization?

5. Does the writer use a confident, informative tone?

6. All other components of rhetoric will be evaluated: a fully developed introduction, a clearly stated thesis with a topic and comment, clear topic sentences with a topic and a focus, support for topic sentences in the form of reasons, examples and details, a fully developed conclusion.  Proper MLA in-text citation and accurate formatting of a works cited page.

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