MCS 105 Final Paper

Write a detailed outline (minimum of two pages worth 20 points) and one double-spaced essay with two parts (minimum of three pages worth 70 points) thoroughly analyzing and discussing the following question. Include a works cited page, in MLA format, of at least four entries at the end of your essay. (10 points).Part I: Begin by defining your relation to power and privilege according to your sexualorientation, ability-level and race. Next, analyze the impact of the intersection of sexualorientation and ability level as it has affected you either positively and negatively within the systems of privilege in which you participate. Then, discuss your experience with micro-aggressions both as a member of a group which is considered the societal “norm”and a group which is considered the societal “other”.

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Part II: Focusing on your own lenses of perception, use social construction theory to explain your current and past perceptions of and micro-aggressions against persons who are perceived as LGPBTQIA…  Integrate into your explanations Allen Johnson’s Discussion of “the path of least resistance” and the further course discussions of the concept of  “normative assumptions”.


I already finished my outline so just folllow my outline to write this paper. Moreover, please do some simple research on this paper.


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