Written assignment 

A Citizens Guide To American Ideology by Morgan Marietta

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5 pages

Answer the Following  from the book questions:

!.  On Conservatism discuss:  a) Premise foundations:  Fragility, Human Nature, The anti-Utopian Impulse.     b) The meaning of ordered liberty.   c) The branches of conservatism:  National Defense, Social, Economic, Cultural.

2.  On Liberalism discuss:  a) Premise Foundations:  Perfectionism, Human Nature, Anti-Foundationalism.       b) Why social justice is the core value of liberalism.                c) The branches of liberalism:  Class, race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity and immigration status, environmentalism.


 3. Pave 115 in the text gives a summary of both the conservative and liberal ideologies:  Discuss which you favor.  

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