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Journal #1


Brainstorm a few decisions that you have made over the past few months or some time in your recent past. Consider the decision making process, the measuring of pros and cons and any particular moments or thoughts that helped you make this decision. This issue and your decision should be the subject of Journal #1. Repeat: journal #1 should be an essay, 300-500 words long as all journal entries will be, about a decision you had to make for your own good.


Considering the importance of MLA research documentation, the decision you make should be on an issue of importance to more than just you. It can be researched. It can be taken out of the context of your life and applied to other people in similar situations. This is where research and MLA research documentation enters. 


For example, I am a father who deliberated spanking a child, my own child, who is technically a step-daughter. To make a long story short, I decided to spank, but only on the condition that spanking a child would lead to a situation when spanking would no longer be necessary. The larger issue is punishment and child abuse and where people draw the line, including the spanking of children by teachers and school principals. So some of my journal #1 would be about my wife, step-daughter, and me, while research would also be included on the subject/issue/debate of spanking and child abuse and anything that can be connected to it 


Along with the 300-500 word count, 2-4 sources is the normal requirement for journal entries.


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