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College policy that all student work may be analyzed electronically for violations of the college’s academic integrity policy and may also be included in a database for the purpose of testing for plagiarized content. Do NOT not use ANY special characters in file names other than dashes or underscores. ———————————————- CHECK WITH YOUR INSTRUCTOR FOR ACCEPTABLE COURSE FILE EXTENSIONS Faculty Instructions to follow:

In Readings find the article by Kurt Weisenfeld called “Making the Grade” and write a 1 1/2-2 page essay. Answer the question “Who deserves an A?” You do need to make a reference to the article, but do not simply summarize it. Nor are you to write an emotional response supporting or refuting Wiesenfeld. Instead, address one or two ideas of Wiesenfeld and explain what criteria you feel need to be fulfilled for a student to earn an “A” grade.

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English writing
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