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With the knowledge of all of the types of arguments available to use, craft an argument based on your proposal and expand it out using examples and sources from outside the class. The word length required is 1500 words with no less than three sources and no more than six. You must employ the three basic appeals in this argumentative paper and effectively synthesize the idea of summarizing and analyzing other arguments in order to bolster your own. This must be done in MLA format and submitted on Blackboard. 

Essay 4 Guidelines written by your Lord and Savior, Patrick effing Johnson

Note: This is just a guide for those of you who are stumped. This does not mean that this is the right way to do it. There are different other ways and each of them are very effective. Do not think that your argument paper, if you have started it, is incorrect if it does not adhere to this guide. If you want confirmation, please contact me before scrapping your work.

Step 1: Introduction

  • Establish a reader’s interest and willingness to listen. Do not write out rhetorical questions. There is no use to have them in a paper.
  • Establish your qualifications for writing this paper. Talk about research and study here.
  • Since this is an argumentative topic, you need to make sure you establish some common ground. Try and connect with them in some way. Show them that you’re fair and even handed.
  • And THEN state your thesis or claim.

Step 2: Background/Personal Story

  • This is where you can do one of two things: 1.) spend a paragraph giving a personal story that pertains to your argument or 2.) give a little background information on what has been said about the subject.

Step 3: Lines of Argument

  • This is your body. You need to make sure that you give your arguments here. Emotional, Logical, and Ethical appeals need to be present.
  • Make sure that your strongest claim is the last one present here.
  • This should fill the most of your paper.

Step 4: Alternative Points of View

  • examine alternative points of view and opposing arguments
  • talk about how they would work and how they wouldn’t work
  • then explain why your point of view is better

Step 5: Conclusion (You made it…maybe)

  • Summarize the argument
  • elaborate on the implications of your claim, meaning what will happen if they listen to you?
  • make it very clear what you want the audience to think or do
  • reinforce your credibility and maybe, just maybe add in one more emotional appeal

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