English paper


FORMAT: Standard essay format, preset margins, 12 point font, standard American grammar

LENGTH: 2-3 full pages (500 words minimum) 

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English paper
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For this assignment you are going to choose one of the options listed below and present an essay in that suggested mode of style. Be sure to present your essay in the standard format that has been discussed in class. Also, if you choose to use outside sources to support your essay, they must be documented correctly using the MLA format that has been discussed in class. IF you do not document correctly, points WILL be deducted from your grade. Also, these sources must be photocopied and presented with your paper.

Options for final essay: (Choose ONE)

1. Process paper – explain the process for writing a college level essay as it has been discussed in this class. (This is NOT an option if you have already produced a similar essay.)

2. Argument/ Persuasion paper – proving the existence of Santa Claus

3. Compare & Contrast paper – comparing Dr. Seuss’s “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” to C. Clement Moore’s “’Twas the Night Before Christmas” 

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