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English homework
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I need help with my English homework

I have to read 4 little text. The first one is:

“The story of the hour” by Kate Chopin


The second one is:

“Popular mechanics”- By Raymond Corver


The third one is:

Richard Cory“-by Edwin Arlington 


And the fourth and last one is:

“The Road not taken”- by Robert Frost.


After read it all, 2 of this are stories and 2 of this are poems, once I figure out which of them are poems and which of them are stories, comes the assignment.


For the 2 stories, I have to pretend that I am a camera, I have to think outside the box and tell what I see as a camera (who, what, where, when). One page is fine.


For the 2 poems, after read them, I have to transform each paragraph in a visual. So fo each paragraph, I rewrite it and I attach an image that seems more approprated for what that paragraph said.


At the end, I have to explain the connection of the titles with the stories.

Thank you very much.

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