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You must put a qute about the primary text in each paragraph except the conclusion

Mississippi goddam is the primary text 

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English Essay for master tutor
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1)      To receive credit for your paper, you must include one primary text and two secondary texts in your analysis. Secondary texts must be the ones listed in d2l.

2)      To receive full credit, you must paraphrase or quote something from the secondary sources in your essay and list the source on your Works Cited page. Your essay will be marked down ONE letter grade per missing source.

3)      Acknowledge your sources in the body of your paper using MLA format and provide an accurate Works Cited page. Otherwise your essay will be lowered a letter grade. You can find the guidelines for citing in MLA format in Rules for Writers. (Writing a proper Works Cited page is time consuming. Don’t leave it until the last minute.) Do NOT copy from sources without giving proper credit—this is PLAGIARISM.

4)      Avoid problems you had in previous essays.

5)      Make use of my office hours throughout the writing process (that’s what they’re there for).

6)      Make use of each peer-editing.

7)      Remember to edit your essay for content, organization, and grammar.

8)      Give your essay a unique and innovative title that helps forecast what you are writing about.


Notes about research:


To “use” a secondary text means that you quote the source or paraphrase it at least once. You may apply the same secondary text various times to different main points within your supporting evidence, or alternate between different secondary sources (as the model essay shows).


The bottom line is: two different secondary texts must be applied at least once throughout your essay.


What You’ll Turn In:


·         4-6 typed pages, not counting the Works Cited page. Don’t worry if your paper runs a bit longer, but remember that for a “page” to count, it must be at least ¾ full of text.


·         A Works Cited page listing all sources used according to MLA guidelines (refer to Rules for Writers)

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