English Eassy ,5 pages (about drama) MLA



Write an essay in which you compare and contrast the play Antigone by Sophocles with the play Trifles by Susan Glaspell. You should focus on a major theme of each play, as well as 2 or more of the following elements in your essay: character, setting, dialogue, stage directions, plot, and structure. Please consider 1 or more of the following questions in your essay:

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English Eassy ,5 pages (about drama) MLA
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1. How is Antigone an example of ancient Greek drama, and how is Trifles an example of modern drama? Ancient Greek drama is often characterized by a ritualistic tone. The presence of a chorus is an example of this tone.

·How is Antigone an example of a feminist play? How is Trifles an example of a feminist play? In a feminist story or play, the female characters typically struggle to assert their rights in a patriarchal society (a society controlled by men). How does each play utilize this theme?

2. Imagine you are a defense attorney whose task is to defend Antigone (from Sophocles’ play) and Minnie Wright (from Trifles) in court. How would you justify their “crimes”? The final draft of your essay should be 5 or more double-spaced pages (and 1,250 or more words) in length, plus a works cited page. Your essay should have a title as well as a thesis statement. You must support each of your claims with quotations from the play(s) you choose to write about. After answering the above questions as part of the prewriting process, develop a Thesis Statement. Consult the sections on writing about drama in our textbook for help on formatting in-text citations for plays (such as Antigone) that are divided into acts and scenes. Please also study the sample works cited page below.

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