English Composition II


(Topic) write a research essay on this topic (immigration). Must be in APA style. Minimum 1,000 words. You need to pose your topic as possibly a question that you are looking to answer, or a problem that needs to be solved. You will need to decide what “angle” you will be taking. Your thesis statement will contain the focus of the essay and will let the reader know what to expect. Can be political, cultural approach or anything.

(Sources) You will need to use at least 2 sources. One must be a book. (e-books acceptable) and for the rest you can use the internet. NOT wikipedia.You should write the webside from where you obtain the info. You will need to create a bibliography sheet. Document all the sources.

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English Composition II
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(Outline) organize your ideas.

Introduction-introduce the thesis statement that you have choosen.

body-where your outline will come into play.

citations requierements- minimum 2 sources. You will need 2 citations for each one. So ex. 2 sources is four citations. 3 sources- six citations.

conclusion-summarize the point of your essay, and conclude with the significance of the findings from your research. If you feel it is needed, suggest that your topic needs further inverstigation.

Bibliography-not included in the overall word count for the essay.

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