English argument essay


English 1010          Position Essay
Write a 1200 word essay on the topic described below. Your essay must be in MLA format, typed, and doublespaced. Your essay should contain a minimum of five well-developed paragraphs (introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion). Essays must be submitted in the correct folder in the Assignment Dropbox in D2L.
Your essay must be clearly organized, and each paragraph must support your thesis statement; your thesis should state your position on parenting styles. Your introduction must present your supporting arguments and establish the structure of the essay (think of it as an outline of your essay). Your thesis statement should be the last sentence of your introduction. In order to earn at least a grade of “C,” your thesis statement must be clearly arguable.  
Remember that this essay is not a review of or report on research—it is an argument in which you use research to strengthen your essay. You are required to use at least two of the three assigned readings for this essay. You must include at least two quotations from each source. All sources must be correctly cited, quoted, and acknowledged. Failure to quote from your sources or attach a Works Cited page will result in a grade of zero for the essay.    Assigned Readings: “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior,” “The Case for Free-Range Parenting,” and “For some, helicopter parenting delivers benefits.”
Do not use the 1st or 2nd person in this essay—do not use the “I” voice. Remember to refrain from ad hominem attacks (attacking the person). You will need to address the major counter-arguments to each of your supporting arguments.    
Any paper found to contain plagiarism will receive a grade of zero.   
  Read the three articles. 

  Choose 2 of the articles listed above to use in your paper. You will need 2 quotations from each article for a total of 4.

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English argument essay
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  Your thesis must argue a position regarding the topic of Parenting Styles.                                                      Choose 3-4 main ideas (supporting arguments) to prove your thesis statement

.  Each main idea should have its own body paragraph.

 Integrate the 4 quotations into the paper using signal phrases and parenthetical citations.

 The essay must have a Works Cited page.

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