For this activity, please create an outline of a movie review. You will not need to turn this into an essay. Select a movie you love, hate, or just watched. Please come up with a title and a thesis. Map out each paragraph in outline form and then upload your document.

Follow this as an example:

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Sense of Urgency in Looper

I. Introduction
a. background and brief summary of movie.
b. Thesis: Looper creates a sense of urgency that is punctuated by the actors’ intensity, the syncopated musical score, and the graphic violence.

II. Actors’ intensity creates a major sense of urgency throughout the film. 
a. Joseph Gordon-Levitt scenes showing intensity in acting
b. the same for Bruce Willis
III. Adding to the actors’ intensity, is the musical score’s syncopation and tension. 
a. Song one displaying urgency and syncopation
b. Song two
c. Song three
IV. Beyond the great acting and the tense musical score, violence helps create a sense of urgency.
a. scene of violence showing urgency
b. scene of violence showing impatience
V. Conclusion

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