After you watch Shawn Achor’s TED presentation, “The Happy Secret to Better Work,” please answer the following questions: 1. Achor says, “we can change the lens through which we see things.” What do you think he means by this, and why is this important? 2. Achor talks about the formula for success we have all come to accept: “If I work harder I’ll be  more successful, and if I’m more successful I’ll be happier,” and says it is “broken and backwards.” Do you agree with him? What do you think of the new formula he proposes? Will it work? 3. At the end of the talk Achor gives some tools that he claims will make people feel more positive about their lives. Would you consider doing what he suggests? Explain. 4. How would you rank this speaker? Did you like him? Did you enjoy his talk? 

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