I need someone who can write a ONE page resume and ONE page cover letter. By following the exact format!!

Here are some instructions:

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Write your resume first then cover letter, take the impressive 2 or 3 things from the resume then write it in the cover letter by telling a story.


1. Main heading (name, address, e-mail address, phone #, all demographic type of information, professionalism)

·      2.*optional* career objective/Summary of qualifications

·      3. Or 4. Education or work experience or skills(expected day of graduation), places you worked, date of employment, chronological order, bulleting, be sure to quantify it,

·      5. Honors, awards, activities, bilingual?, certified?,

·      use as many as words in the job description in the resume and make it relevant

·      academic reference, job reference, personal reference (to know who you are characteristically)

·      1 PAGE


Cover Letter


·      Unsolicited: write to an organization to introduce your resume

·      Solicited: responding to a job, letter format, salutation; to a title (dear marketing departing) or to a name

·      1.State what job are you responding to 

·      2.sell yourself by expanding on items from your resume(2-3) examples

·      3.action request/ ask for interview


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