Easy discuss question need in two hours


First of all write something about “What do you think about having a policy based on the concept that “food is a right for everyone.” Are you for or against implementation of such a policy? ” For 100 words

I also want you to respond to another who disagrees with you.

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Easy discuss question need in two hours
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This is what you need to response( Write about what do u think about this people’s opinion for half page):

        “I do not believe that there needs to be a policy implemented regarding food being a right for everyone. People have been eating food long before established governments have been around, and I believe that is still possible without political action. Morally, if someone or a family I know is struggling to find sources of food, I would give personal aid to them, but not forever. Handouts are too easy to come by these days.There has to come a time where people are rewarded for their actions, and there are still consequences as well. If the government hands out everything, and makes everything a “right” what is the point in trying to create the greatest “you”. If it’s just going to be handed out, why don’t we all just be mediocre. Where do we draw the line?”


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