E250-45-FALL-2016 World Literature I


Hawes / English 250 Literary Analysis Paper: Comparison and Contrast


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E250-45-FALL-2016 World Literature I
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4 pp. typed and double-spaced at a minimum: I will not grade papers that do not meet the minimum page requirement.

Comparison/Contrast Paper Due by Monday, 12/5 by 11:59 p.m.

Directions will be provided on turning the paper in via Blackboard.

20% of course grade

To help you prepare for this assignment, you will be required to turn in a written proposal for your paper with your reading questions assignment for Module 8, the module on Vergil’s Aenied.

(See the syllabus for the general guidelines.) 


You are expected to use comparison and contrast as a major mode of writing for this assignment.  You may compare and contrast two characters, two works, two depictions of the same theme, etc.  Focus your topic carefully by stating a clear, well-defined thesis (in the first paragraph), and develop your thesis through logically organized paragraphs toward a significant conclusion. Basing your answers on an understanding of the work as a whole will help you to select appropriate passages as evidence and to use those passages correctly to support your argument. Be deliberate about your analysis of the support you give as well. Assume your reader (me) has read the work; do not summarize the plot(s), but refer instead to specific events for support.  You do not have to do research for this paper, but you may, if you like, consult a scholarly work on the text.  YOU MAY NOT, HOWEVER, SIMPLY LOOK UP INFORMATION ON SOME RANDOM WEBSITE.  If you choose to do research, you must go through the SCSU library website and find a scholarly article or book from there.  Most of your paper, however, should be your own analysis of the text. 


Directions will be provided about how to send this paper to me as a file attachment via Blackboard.



5. One of the major themes in Virgil’s Aeneid is the conflict between “pietas” and “fury.” We will be discussing Aeneas as a figure of both, even considering the possibility that the ending of the work is equivocal (ambivalent – not sure which side to take) in terms of whether or not Aeneas finally develops into a representation of “pietas.” Write an essay in which you compare and contrast Aeneas as a figure of pietas or furor with Achilles from Homer’s Iliad.  You will be considering when the Achilles seems to be showing “pietas” and when Achilles seems to be a figure of furor.  However, you will be expected to make up your mind about whether Achilles is ultimately a figure of pietas, a figure of furor, or whether the text suggests that the figure shows both traits equally, and your thesis should make your assertion clear. To help you make this decision, consider how many times that characters seems to be a figure of each trait. Consider also the last thing we see the character doing. Be sure to pick a character that is well developed and that clearly shows both aspects. Be sure also do define what “pietas” is and what “furor” is, based on our class discussion. In your conclusion, you might consider what the text might be “saying” about the struggle between “pietas” and “furor” with the representation of your character. 


*N.B. Your job as you write this paper is not simply to answer the questions I list under each topic. The questions are meant simply to get you thinking about the topic.


*The stories you will have to google is Virgil’s Aeneid and Homer’s Iliad

* You can also google the meaning of  “pietas” and “fury” the meanings are the same as we learned in class.

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