Here is your McGraw Hill Final Writing Project Topic:Some people believe that students are not learning enough in high school. Should school standards be higher? Explain. The overall page length for this essay is at least one full double spaced page (but no more than two pages) so both parts of your thesis must be specific and clearly articulated.  The conclusion part of your thesis is your specific answer to the topic question asked (should school standards be higher?).  The significance of your thesis is WHY you think the conclusion you come to is important to you. Put another way, WHY does what you think about standards being raised (or not) matter to you one or the other.

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Develop the body of your essay with specific ideas that support your thinking.  Do more than simply provide a list of reasons.  Support them. Strive to develop your thinking behind the reasons you give in ways that explain why you made each choice. The overall length of the paper leaves only enough room to fully develop (explain in detail) the development of one or two reasons in support of why you do or do not believe that students are learning enough in high school so dig deep into the development of each reason you give in support of your answer.

Your Conclusion only wraps up the thesis and if your essay is more than one page, an important point from the body. No new ideas appear in the Conclusion and NO OUTSIDE SOURCES ARE PERMITTED IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THIS ESSAY

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