discussion question


 Write a response mini-essay of at least 150 to 250 words on the discussion topic identified. Take a position and defend it. (Specify a thesis and support it very briefly with evidence)

The response essay should provide one example from the contemporary world to support your

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discussion question
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Position. Ideally you have a source reference for your example. You must have a source reference if you

Refer to any material which is neither common knowledge nor personal experience. essay should be typed using APA style feature with a title page and list of references if any are used.


Topic :



As Postman says (p. 31), “Thou shalt not write down thy principles, still less print them, lest thou shall be entrapped by them for all time.” His point is that putting things in print makes the nebulous concrete and forces the communicator to stand forever in relation to the printed document. This brings out one of the powerful impacts of print technology—its permanence as a social memory. What might have been forgotten now becomes a permanent reality. Can you identify a circumstance in your own life where putting something in text led to bad consequences as circumstances or contexts changed? How did the readers relate what you  wrote under one condition when you were now under a different condition (and texting drunk does not count for this exercise)? What did the medium do to your expression and how might you have changed what you wrote now that you have experienced the negatives of its permanence?

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