Discussion God Grew Tired oF US



The purpose of this discussion is to share what you found meaningful in the documentary God Grew Tired of Us and your reaction to these important moments. Pretty much just share your thoughts about the movie in a minimum 300 word post. You may also look back to your ‘notes’ that you took while watching the movie to recall and share some of your thoughts to these questions/topics:

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Discussion God Grew Tired oF US
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  • Share a scene(s) that stood out to you as meaningful and share a bit on why you found this scene meaningful.
  • Identify a key challenge’ or ‘struggle’ you see the Lost Boys face in either their journey to the refugee camp, while living at the camp, or once they arrived in the US – discuss why this challenge is difficult or important to overcome; consider how they may overcome this challenge?
  • Identify an important ‘thing’ done to help the Lost Boys transition to life in the US. Who provided it and analyze how it helped or didn’t help the Lost Boys transition.
  • Finally, reflect and share what you think could’ve been done to better help the Lost Boys transition to life in the US.

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