Discussion Assignment



Final Paper Checklist Review

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Discussion Assignment
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By now, you have had an introduction to APA style citation and paper format. Let’s take a short trip into the future of the course. During Module 5, you will be asked to submit a final, argumentative/persuasive paper. This paper will be graded based on several criteria. If you know what is coming, you can prepare accordingly.

Please click here for a checklist based upon your rubric for the paper.

Study this list carefully and pick out two areas in which you feel you could use some improvement.


  • List the two items that you have chosen from the checklist of criteria, and in two paragraphs (one for each item you have listed) discuss your challenges with these requirements, and what you can do to overcome them. 
  • If you think you have a firm handle on all these requirements, discuss previous challenges, and how you overcame them. 
  • Be sure that your paragraphs are the proper length of 4 to 5 sentences each (150–200 words). 
  • Properly cite any outside sources you use.



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