Disciplinary assignment



Disciplinary Literacy Assignment

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Disciplinary assignment
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Background: Earlier assignments for this course gave you opportunities to identify themes and terms for analysis so that you could begin to understand and practice meeting the expectations for writing in higher education. This project allows you to continue practicing sound analytic and critical thinking, reading, and writing skills while also introducing you to the ways that research and participating in important academic discussions further prepare you to use literacy in effective ways.

Requirements: Different academic disciplines have different ways of presenting and analyzing information, different ways of building knowledge, and different ways of presenting knowledge in written forms. This paper gives you the opportunity to begin building your own understanding of how writing, reading, and researching operate within a discipline of interest to you. You may choose any discipline you wish to examine for this project. Whichever you choose, you must engage in at least the following activities:

  • Analysis of at least one      scholarly article from that discipline 
  • Analysis of an article from      at least one trade publication related to that discipline
  • At least one interview you      hold with a professor from that discipline

or at least one interview with a person who practices in a field related to that discipline

  • An introductory piece about      economic and quality of life issues related to workers in that discipline      or career field.

If you choose to explore the ways music is (or is not) included in the literacy activities of the discipline you explore, at least three of the research activities listed above should explore music as a way of enhancing writing, reading, and researching in that discipline. 

Your paper must be 6-8 pages long, in 12-point font, with one-inch margins.

Writing Context: Many students come to higher education with only a vague idea of what it means to become a participating member of an academic discipline. Your purpose in this essay is to give students who are new to the academic discipline you have chosen to explore an introduction to the expectations for writing, reading, and researching in that discipline. Ultimately, your paper should help your audience understand the ways that writing is used to create and communicate knowledge in ways that help them become better readers and writers within the discipline under discussion.

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