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review and discuss the screen design layouts in a detailed critique. Include your comments about the processes and discoveries encountered. Refer to the Critique Guidelines listed under Academic Expectations, found in Academic Class Resources and these points:

in the attachment will be the idea of my design 

  • Production quality. Student presents neat and smudge-free work that is cropped proportionately. Student demonstrates professional use of software.
  • Composition. Work shows a visual hierarchy. The layout follows a grid or other planned structure. There is a balance (symmetrical or asymmetrical), appropriate contrast, and strong use of perspective. Work shows grouping and unity.
  • Color. Student uses a well-thought-out and consistent color palette. Color choices enhance the design theme/mood.
  • Typography. Student uses type other than system fonts and other overused fonts when applicable. Student follows rules of typography: no stacked type, widows, or orphans. Work shows even kerning and leading. Student uses limited number of fonts based on the style guide. Font choices enhance the design theme/mood.
  • Graphics are free of error. They are sharp, and clear, and the resolution is appropriate. Effects help the graphic and are not just decoration. Graphics enhance the design theme/mood.
  • Images are sharp, clear, and have appropriate resolution. Cutout images have sharp and crisp edges with no leftover pixels. Images enhance the design theme/mood. Student shows professional use of software filters/effects.
  • The page supports usability and shows a clear relationship with the target audience.

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