deaf refection



this is my deaf class Reflection ,.,,

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deaf refection
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Your thesis should be: “Before I came into this class, my view on culture was this…. Now that I am leaving class, my culture is now this…”  Proceed to use 3-5 pages explaining why your perspective has changed and how.  

Look up the Socratic Method online.  This is the sort of approach I would like you to use!  Feel free to use personal experiences or outside sources.  Use movies.  Use science.  Use art.  The sky is the limit.

I do NOT want you, however, to restate or reteach concepts used in class or in the book.  If you feel particularly inspired by a certain thing (I know I have been!) you are welcome to use them.  However reframe them and make sure you provide plenty of original thought.  If you use any of my lectures or the book, this will NOT count for your page count.

MLA format… Times New Roman size 12… proper citations, proper spelling, at least four sources.


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