culture event two full pages


U 100 Cultural Event Assignment  


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culture event two full pages
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This semester you are required to attend a cultural event on campus:  a theatre performance, music concert, dance recital, ballet, opera, or gallery exhibit. There may be a small admission charge for some events.


General instructions


You will need to access the CSUN webpage -CSUN Center for the Visual and Performing Arts:     -and explore the different events and activities scheduled for the semester in the areas of theatre, music, dance and visual arts.


Within one week to 10 days  of attending the event or exhibit, please submit a ticket stub/program/other evidence of attendance attached to a written “response” to your experience that will consist of answering the questions below.  This document should be typed or completed on a word processor in 12 point Times New Roman  font.  Paper should be 2 full pages in length and adhere to MLA guidelines.  Paper should read like an essay and not be a list of bulleted points.


Please provide basic information including date, time, and location in a brief introductory paragraph that includes a brief description of the event/show/concert/etc. that you attended.


In responding to the questions, be sure to avoid general statements that are not supported.   Statements such as “I like the play,” or “I didn’t like the concert” are useless opinions unless you explain why.


Be sure to read any background or explanatory text/material associated with the event. Items such as program notes, lobby displays, exhibit captions and other documentary material can enhance your experience and broaden your understanding of the artists’ conception, vision, or intent.


Finally, if you attend an event that you would like to recommend, please do so. Your classmates will surely appreciate hearing about something worth seeing and also avoid wasting their time.


Grading : This assignment is worth 100 points


Questions to Respond To


1.     What was the point of this event and how was it communicated?  Do you think the production/concert/exhibit effectively achieves its goals?


2.     What, if anything, did you notice or observe about other members of the “audience?”  For example, was the theatre full, did people seem involved or interested, were the attendees diverse in age, gender, dress or were they a homogeneous group?


3.     What impressed or affected you the most, in what way, and why?


4.     How did any written texts support the production? (i.e., director’s notes, gallery captions, etc.)     


5.     Art occurs in a context.  What social/cultural/historical/political/economic elements contribute to and/or affect this event?  Give this question a try.


6.     How did attending the event change your understanding of yourself, someone else, or the world around you?


Due Date:  1 week [ to 10 days] after the actual event so that details are fresh in your mind.  Final submission of any cultural event is Wednesday, April 23rd 2014.



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