Cultural Diversity


Create a presentation (using Microsoft® PowerPoint® or another presentation software as approved by your instructor) about your personal background and identity.


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Cultural Diversity
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Identify two or three social categories you identify with that you are comfortable sharing.


Include the following:


· Illustrate the racial, ethnic, cultural, gender, or other social categories or groups you identify with and are comfortable sharing.


· Select one of the social categories you listed and discuss how this social group has been marginalized or has experienced discrimination throughout history.


· Describe the relationship between your ancestry and any racial, ethnic, or cultural groups you identify with—particularly if you identify with more than one.


· Describe a time you, an ancestor, or someone else who belongs to one of your identity groups endured discrimination.


Minimum of 300 words, Use what I am – married, italian/white female age 30, no kids, both in the military, not prejudice.

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