Creating a Personal Code Assignment 08


For this assessment you will be emblazoning a shield of your own based on you and your style of living.  Below are tips to help you with your creation:


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Creating a Personal Code Assignment 08
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  1. Think about what charges, or symbols, you would want to include on your shield. What icons today are representative of you, your family, and your lifestyle? Include at least four charges on your shield.


  1. Decide what shape would best fit your shield. It does not have to be a traditional shield shape. Feel free to get creative!
  2. Choose colors that are representative to you and your taste. What colors do you like? Are there any colors that have special meaning to you?
  3. Beneath your shield, write a paragraph (four to five sentences) explaining how all of the elements (shape, color, and symbols) are representative of your life.

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