Compare and Contrast Essay- 2 pages needed- Original Work, No plagiarism


Compare and Contrast


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Compare and Contrast Essay- 2 pages needed- Original Work, No plagiarism
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This writing assignment involves writing your Comparison and Contrast essay.


TOPIC#1: The Classroom or the Web? Which method of learning is better?


**** Please don’t use Wikipedia or website. I prefer reputable sources from academic institutions and other non governmental orgs. MLA style required too. 

Instructions for the essay

Write an essay comparing or contrasting the two topics in your selection using EITHER the point-by-point OR the subject-by-subject method to organize the details and  specific examples. Consider focusing on three to five subtopics and generate ideas through prewriting. Develop a strong thesis statement for your essay that both includes your opinion (either your preference for one topic over the other OR which topic is best for each subtopic) as well as the specific subtopics you used to compare or contrast the two topics in your body paragraphs.

The guidelines for this assignment are as follows:

Length: This assignment should be at least 500 words.

Header: Include a header in the upper left-hand corner of your writing assignment with the following


• Your first and last name

• Course Title (Composition I)

• Assignment name (Comparison and Contrast)

• Current Date


• Double-spacing throughout

• Title, centered after heading

• Standard 12-point font (Arial, TimesNewRoman, Calibri)

• 1” margins on all sides

• Save the file using one of the following extensions: .docx, .doc, .rtf, or .txt

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