community and serivce


The “SCARS” Exercise


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community and serivce
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Most of us have experiences in our life that impact us in significant ways.  Often those experiences are represented in a variety of ways.  One of the ways that we can look at life experiences is through the physical scars that our body produces as the result of some type of trauma to our outer shell.  There are many other ways of looking at life experiences as well, however for this exercise please do the following:

1.  Carefully make a list of all the visible scars that you have on your body

2.  Recall the conditions or events under which they were acquired

3.  What was special, traumatic, life changing, etc., about the event or situation?

4. Post your favorite scar or scars stories to the Forum. This will be a discussion for everyone to read and respond to you. 

5. Respond in a very genuine way to each of your classmates in your replies to their sharing.

This is a 30 point assignment and an additional 20 points (2 points X credit for each response–up to 20) can be earned through quality responses to the posts of others.


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