Choose one option. Due in 6 hours


  1. Option One: Reflect on the required resources for Week Three and your personal and professional experiences in relation to the points conveyed in the resources. Review the hypothetical below and discuss the issues involved using the example questions as a guide

  2. Lin, H. (2007).  The ethics of instructional technology: Issues and coping strategies experienced by professional technologists in design and training situations in higher education. Educational Technology Research & Development, 55(5), 411-437. doi:10.1007/s11423-006-9029-y
    1. The full-text version of this text is available through the EBSCOhost database in the Ashford University Library. This article explores empirical research on ethical issues that arise from use of instructional technology in higher education contexts.

  3. U.S. Copyright Office. (2012). Fair useRetrieved from

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    Choose one option. Due in 6 hours
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    • United States Copyright Office publication discussing Fair Use
    • Option Two: Develop a scenario that your classmates can consider to demonstrate how instructional design principles and theory influence the ethical practices of technology usage. For example, the scenario might relate to issues of copyright in educational media, accessibility of technology, or specific scenarios for design and instruction with technology. 

      Hypothetical: Some of your learners are struggling with a concept in your class. You decide to use a “Google Hangout” study session and invite students who are struggling to attend for additional synchronous help. During the Hangout some of your students convey personal information about how and why they are struggling in class. Consider the ethical issues that might arise from the design of this synchronous study session. For example, could you record and reuse the Hangout for another class? Could you prevent students from recording and distributing the Hangout? How would you design the synchronous study session to exemplify and ensure ethical usage of the technology?

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