catherine Owens


Prompt: The uses and abuses of technology and media—from smart phones to social networks—seem to be on everyone’s mind. Write a proposal argument about some pressing dilemma caused by the digital age that is changing (ruining?) our lives. The majority of the paper should focus on the specific solutions you propose to solve the problem.

You might want to explain how to bring traditional instructors into the digital age or establish etiquette for people who walk in traffic using handheld electronic devices. Or maybe you want to keep parents off of social networks. Or maybe you have a great idea for separating professional and private lives online. Or maybe propose solutions to prevent cyber bullying.

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catherine Owens
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 More guidelines:

–       The essay should be 1200-1500 words or more.

–       Incorporate at least 3 or more sources throughout the paper. The sources must be from the hcc 

         library or databases. Those sources should be professional/literary journals, library/academic

databases, and university or college web sites.

–       The paper should be in proper MLA format,12 point font, times new roman, double space

–       only third person pronouns. 

–       You may not use dictionaries, encyclopedias, abstracts, or wikis for sources

–       Full works cited page

–       Correct parenthetical citations

–       Your thesis should be argumentative and focus on the solutions for the problem.

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