Can you help me, please?


Due date is wensday at 8:00 AM (14/5/2014)

Can you answers these questions and Write one essay about portfolio 1, and 2, please?

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Can you help me, please?
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Portfolio Keeping Part 2 Questions


Consider the questions on page 40 for putting together the portfolio assignment.

How should you start organizing content when trying to decide what to include in your portfolio? (Pg. 41)

What is the difference in navigating a paper portfolio and an ePortfolio? (Pg. 41-42)

How can a metaphor guide the reader through a portfolio? (Pg. 42) Is a metaphor something that you are interesting in doing for your portfolio?

How should you decide on the qualities of writing the class emphasized? Why is it important to do this? (Pg. 44)

Why would a student leave a piece of writing or project out of the portfolio? (Pg. 44)

How are the three questions on page 45 helpful for sorting your writing pieces?

Why should you not be bored with your portfolio? (Pg. 45)

Take down the questions at the end of page 45 about choosing an entry.

What does it mean to storyboard a portfolio? (Pg. 45-46)

How will the instructor evaluate your work? (Pg. 46)

Your job is to demonstrate the relationship between what? (Pg. 46)

Why are the first few pages of the portfolio important? (Pg. 46)

Why should your best work be towards the front of the portfolio? (Pg. 47)

What are the two types of reflective pieces and how are they different? (Pg. 48)

What do reflective writing components show? (Pg. 49)

Why is the reflective writing component so important for the reader? (Pg.49)

How is a portfolio like a final exam? (Pg. 49-50)

What does an instructor look for? (Pg. 50)

What did the sample metaphors show? (Pg. 51)

What is the primary value in portfolio keeping? (Pg. 51)

What should and shouldn’t your navigational scheme do? (Pg. 51)

Review the questions on page 51

How does understanding the instructor help? (Pg. 52)

What does it mean to revise an essay? (Pg. 53)

What did Farah discover about revision? (Pg. 53)

What is key to your success? (Pg. 54)

What is editing? (Pg. 54)

How is revision different from editing? (Pg. 55)

What is proofreading? (Pg. 55)

How is proofreading different from editing? (Pg. 55)

What is the difference between a mistake and an error? (Pg. 55-56)

What are the three suggestions for editing and proofreading your paper or portfolio? (Pg. 56)

What are some specific things to look for in editing and proofreading a portfolio? (Pg. 57)

Why are portfolios never static? (Pg. 58)


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