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Statement #1 – need a response to it:

People are by nature social creatures. This means that they will seek out a community that agrees with their wants and needs. Most people believe that they must abide by the laws of the community and help support it. This means that they work for what they want and need, and they pay taxes. However, there are a group of people who use the assets of the community with out helping to support it. For example people get free health insurance, food, cell phones and money for rent even though they are capable of working for these things. We have a group of people who brag that they are a third generation welfare recipient. Most people believe that this is wrong. However, the people with in that group believe that it is acceptable. This group of people go against the concepts of deontology.  The only way this is going to change is for the community to control it.

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baber makayla
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Statement #2 


 Do you think that people who chose not to give back are selfish? Do you think that ethics involves judgement of others from a personal value/ethical base? If so, is your personal value/ethical base the only perception that counts? 
How can we avoid judgement?

– Do you that giving back is an individual choice? Do you agree that this is the case for everyone? What about choices that are determined for us due to our gender, age, faith, career choice, schooling ect.? When do ethical practices become choices and when are they dicta

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