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Resources: The Research Process

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Choose an organization with which you are familiar.






Prepare a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper that describes the culture and characteristics of the organization you have chosen, using the list of characteristics of organizations presented in your readings from Week One and Two. Use your best APA paper formatting, including an introduction and a conclusion to the paper.




Cite at least two peer-reviewed references in addition to the text and be sure to address the following questions in your paper:




  • Define “characteristics” and how they are used to understand, describe and compare organizations

  • Describe how your selected organization exhibits each of the characteristics listed below?




    • System (e.g., individual units, open, closed)

    • Rules/norms(e.g., written, unwritten, formal, informal)

    • Hierarchy (e.g., chain of command, supervisor, administrator, manager)

    • Communication networks (e.g., formal, informal)

    • Organizational orientation (e.g., achievement, dogmatism, authoritarianism)

    • Leadership approaches (e.g., social, task, balanced)

    • Management communication/decision-making (e.g., tell, sell, consult, join)




  • Which characteristics (choose at least four) from those listed above which most shape communication and culture within the organization? What communication tools/methods are used most commonly? Which tools convey information most effectively in the organization?

  • (Be specific here – this is a chance to identify real problems you will offer solutions for in a future assignment.)

APA format

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