assignment 2


For the Final Paper in Week Five, you are required to complete a Literature Review.  For your literature review, you will continue to develop your chosen theme by reviewing another scholarly resource.
This week you will choose one of the provided resources from the provided resource list or find a scholarly resource that is of interest to you and connects to your chosen theme for this week:

You will complete an Annotated Bibliography for your chosen resource.  You will add an additional resource in Week Four.  The annotated bibliography will be submitted each week, as a component of your written assignment.  Your Annotated Bibliography must address the following requirements:

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assignment 2
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  • Summarize the content and focus of the article.  Be sure to include the main ideas, with supporting evidence from the article.  The summary must be in your own words.
  • Describe the relevance of the source to your chosen theme and real-world classroom application.
  • Evaluate the information presented in the article.  What is your reaction to this resource?  Has it changed your thinking about your topic? Why or why not? 

Visit the Ashford Writing Center for specific directions and review the resources provided on how to complete an Annotated Bibliography. Also view the Sample Annotated Bibliography for guidance.

Your bibliography must include the correct APA reference of your chosen scholarly resource, a title page, and a reference page.  


Diverse Family Structures is what the theme is.

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