Argumentive essay


This essay is argumentive essay. I had attached my essay, please edit my essay using the following instructions. Open with a story( which i did it) addres pathos to the stroy to make the audeince care. Then include my main claim in the fisrt and last paragraph. My main claim is” In order to mitigate the significant problem of criminal justice is unfair to the poor, we have an ethical duty to support public lawyers by increasing their salary. My social problem is criminal justice is unfair to the poor. My solution is support the public lawyers by increasing their salarys. After including the main claim in the first paragraph, Write abou the first sub claim which is significant problem, PEOVE THAT MY PROBLEM IS SIGNIFICANT PROBLEM. PROVIDE EVIDENCE.NEXT, SUB CLAIM TWO WHICH IS ETHICAL DUTY PROVE THAT WE HAVE AN ETHICAL DUTY. THEN, SUB CLAIM 3 EHIHC IS THE SOLUTION WILL WORK, PROVE THAT MY SOLUTION WILL WORK WITH PROVIDING AN EVIDENCE. ADDRES AN ANTICIPATED COUNTER ARGUMENT AFTER SUB CLAIM 3. IN CONCLUSION, INCLUDE MY MAIN CLAIM AGAIN. US LOGOS(USE DATA TO PROVE SUBCLAIMS). BORROWED ETHOS(NAMES EXPERTS WHO AGREE.

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Argumentive essay
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