Argumentative essay


I already have an outline/ brainstorm. I need to take the paper for peer review, the topic is “same sex marriage” so just need to improve the thesis statement. I could try to do it, but I have got a calculus test tomorrow, so if you could do it by tomorrow morning, that’d be great. Essay has to be three pages excluding works cited page. It needs to be MLA. That’s pretty much it.  I have attached my kinda outline too.


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Argumentative essay
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  • ntroduction
    Background: Traditional marriage and family, things that make a happy family- kids, affection, encouragement, positive communication, stability, economy,
    Thesis Statement: Although different gender is accepted by majority of people, a family where there is same sex couple can function just as good as different sex couple’s family. 
  • Paragraph 1::
    Equality: in household work, responsibility

As miss Weisshaar states, “In this perspective, men and women are held to prescriptive expectations particular to their gender about how to behave, and this is very apparent within the household”,
Only about 25 percent of the couples in his sample achieved egalitarianism in housework.

Expectations in doing certain things, which can not be fulfilled, thus results in separation.

  • Paragraph 2:

As miss Weisshaar states, “Equal earnings reduce the likelihood of breakup for same-sex couples, while it increases the likelihood of breakup for heterosexual couples.”  
Male has to be the one who has to earn more, ethics, morality, If he fails to do so, this results in unhappiness and makes the marriage vulnerable. 

  • Paragraph 3:
    Raise Children:

Children don’t do good financially, then later on there was a research showing they can do just as good as two gender parents.
“two mothers enact less gender-stereotyped behaviors, attitudes and preferences; enjoy greater emotional well-being; and show fewer social and behavioral problems than their peers who have grown up in heterosexual parent families” 

          Their parents have always looked for equality, so teach their children to respect everyone

  • Counter argument paragraph:
    Same sex couple cannot conceive. Most couples adopt and help in 

Pathways to parenthood among same-sex couples include children joining the family through adoption or the foster care system as well as the use of reproductive technologies such as surrogacy or artificial insemination. 

Social issues: Help in social 

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